Kent Tenancy Management Sub Group (KTMSG)

Sub Groups / KHG

The Tenancy Management Sub Group (KTMSG) is a KHG sub group with representation from across the local authority and housing association membership.  Colleagues who are represented at this meeting have responsibility for all elements of Housing Management service delivery and work well to ensure that services provided to their housing communities are of the highest quality and consistent across the County.

Members of this sub group have worked together to establish partnership working opportunities, regularly share best practices and commission joint training options.  This sub group has a forward plan to ensure that meetings are structured and themed, with appropriate presentations to stimulate debate and agreed outcomes.  The Kent Pre Eviction Protocol was developed by this group and is regularly reviewed to ensure that is remains relevant and useful.  The group also supports the KHG in delivering against objectives identified within the Kent and Medway Housing Strategy.

Key People

Genette Pinwill
West Kent Housing