Kent Housing Options Sub Group (KHOG)

Sub Groups / KHG

All the Kent Local Authorities and Medway Council are represented on this group, which works together to improve on excellent Housing Option services provided across the County, to monitor performance, share best practice and liaise with partner organisations and agencies. The group meets six times a year,  four of these meetings are restricted to the Local Authority members and the other two meetings are “full” meetings which the other partners and agencies can attend, including Interventions Alliance, KCC Commissioning and Kent Homechoice.

The aim of this sub group is to continue to share best practice in terms of homelessness, housing options, allocations, lettings and service delivery.  To respond and ensure that services are monitored and developed to meet changes in legislation, to explore solutions and working practice to assist in the delivery of new affordable urban and rural housing.

This group will, where possible, also explore opportunities for joint training regarding homelessness or housing options and will review and update any protocols that are linked to housing options service delivery.



Key People

Toni Carter
Dartford Borough
Robin Cahill
Vice Chair
Kent County