Strategic Partnership virtual event 13 October 2021

This virtual event was facilitated by Brian Horton and attended by 39 participants.

John Kearney and Carol Cairns of Homes England covered;

  • An overview of strategic partnerships
  • How strategic partnerships have evolved since the previous programme
  • Strategic priorities of strategic partnerships
  • An overview of the new strategic partnerships for AHP 21-26
  • Accessing grant through 21-26 CME.
  • 21-26 CME focus
  • Procedural changes for the 21-26 Programme

Richard White from Optivo covered their experiences of being an SP, its challenges and benefits. He highlighted the importance of forming a good working relationship with Homes England, highlighting issues early and having time to find solutions.

Patrick Duffy from Southern Housing Group covered their learning from being an SP and highlighted how RPs benefited from informal discussions and a good working relationship with the local authority.

Mike Finch and Christine Emeruwa explained how Hyde were SPs and had used that to deliver at Canterbury Riverside and with Brighton and Hove City Council. Hyde will continue to be SPs under the new scheme.

The presentations can be accessed on this website at Strategic Partnership Event – Kent Housing Group