TPAS Launch new National Tenant Engagement Standards

Tpas have today, Wednesday 13th July, launched National Tenant Engagement Standards at the largest gathering of tenants in the country.

The new standards were introduced to delegates who are attending the Tpas National Tenant Conference by Tpas chief executive, Jenny Osbourne today.  Jenny introduced the new standards by saying “This is an exciting time for Tpas. The pace of political change seems ever quicker and the support and interest in meaningful tenant engagement is growing”.  She continued to say that “With these standards, we’re bringing together flexible, practical and clear principles of how tenants, landlords and contractors can find smarter solutions to improve services, save money and bring real and long-lasting change to communities”.
The intention for the new Tpas tenant engagement standards is to offer a blueprint for how an organisation could approach their tenant engagement activity effectively.  The principles that are underpinning the standards will help organisations create a common and achievable goal that tenants, landlords and contractors can work towards.   The standards outline meaningful and flexible engagement principles that are proven to drive business improvement and community development.

For more details please visit the TPAS Website