Thanet District Council Draft Housing Strategy Consultation Opens on Monday 13th January 2020

Thanet District Council’s consultation on the latest draft Housing Strategy opens to the public today.

The purpose of the draft Housing Strategy is to guide how the council approaches the housing needs of all Thanet’s residents. It looks at the way existing accommodation is managed and how best to plan the delivery of new homes in the future.

The consultation which runs for six weeks seeks to gather feedback on the strategy as a whole and calls for feedback on four specific priority areas:

The priorities outlined in the strategy are as follows:

  • Improving access to and supply of housing
  • Improving housing standards and safety across all tenures (ownership or renting)
  • Supporting the health and wellbeing of residents and communities
  • Preventing homelessness and tackling rough sleeping

The strategy is available to read here and the online questionnaire is here:

Responses must be provided by Monday 24 February 2020.