Kent Housing Strategy and Enabling Sub Group (HSEG)

Sub Groups / KHG

Housing Strategy and Enabling colleagues from each of the twelve Local Authorities and Medway Council are represented on this KHG Sub Group, along with two registered providers, Homes England and BPHA (formerly known as the Homebuy Zone Agent).   This group meets four times per year and has regular updates from Homes England, BPHA and the Rural Housing Enabler for Kent and Medway.

The role of the group is to consider key strategic housing issues across Kent and Medway, how they can work collectively and share good practice to ensure the delivery of high quality affordable housing.  This sub group has an Action Plan that has been developed to support the wider strategic work of Kent Housing Group, assisting with the implementation and monitoring of the Kent and Medway Housing Strategy.

HSEG have also produced a Table of Products, which is how the group remain informed about products, financial investment or services that can assist with the enabling of new affordable housing delivery across Kent and Medway.  The group have also produced a benchmarking document which monitors key data including housing delivery numbers.

Key People

Emma Bartlett
Canterbury City