Kent & Medway Housing Strategy Consultation

Kent Housing Group is consulting on its draft Kent and Medway Housing Strategy and we would like to hear your views.  **Please note that the consultation period has been extended to 5pm on Monday 30th September**

The draft strategy is a unique document looking across a whole county area and brings together a broad range of local ambitions together in a bottom-up approach.  The aim of the strategy is to set out the strategic direction for housing across Kent and Medway, and respond to the challenges at a local and national level to provide good quality housing.

The strategy has identified and is structured around four key themes:

  • Theme 1 – Accelerating Housing Delivery
  • Theme 2 – Infrastructure and Investment
  • Theme 3 – Affordability
  • Theme 4 – Health and Wellbeing

This draft strategy is supported by an Evidence Base (Housing Market Review) and each theme has an Action Plan, developed through stakeholder workshops and previous consultation.

Kent Housing Group encourage you to read through the draft strategy and the supporting documents and provide feedback during this consultation period.  There are a set of questions that you may wish to consult and use to help structure your feedback.   The format of the draft strategy is not finalised, this consultation is a focus upon the content.  Please note that within the draft there are areas highlighted where text is due to be updated or included at a later stage.  KHG are keen to have more case studies to support the content, if you have a case study that is relevant to the strategy and to be considered for inclusion within the final version please share details with your feedback.

This strategy does reference Kent and Medway within the broader context, although a significant focus on housing there are references to other sectors and challenges that are linked to housing.  Please do ensure that if appropriate you share the draft strategy with organisations or colleagues who may wish to comment and feedback.  Please share feedback with the KHG Partnership Manager Rebecca Smith, using the consultation question template where possible.

The consultation is open from today, Wednesday 7th August 2019 and will close at 5pm on Monday 30th September 2019.