Strategies & Protocols

Kent Viability Protocol

Published: September 2013

Kent Housing Group in partnership with the Kent Planning Officers Group, the Kent Developers Group and the Homes and Communities Agency develoeped the Kent Viability Protocol. This protocol is a tool to be used to unlock a barrier or end the stalemate that is preventing the development of housing, it is to be used as […]



Better Homes: Housing For The Third Age

Published: July 2012

Kent Housing Group and the Joint Policy and Planning Board have developed Better Homes: Housing for the Third Age– a Framework for Delivering Older People’s Accommodation across Kent and Medway. The Framework seeks to promote a consistent and positive approach to the delivery of new high quality, aspirational accommodation for older people across the county […]



Social Innovation Lab Kent (SILK)

Published: May 2012

SILK were commissioned by the Joint Policy and Planning Board (JPPB) to undertake ethnographic research into the impact of access to housing in the resettlement of ex-prisoners and the role housing can play in helping to reduce re-offending. Houses as Homes Report has been published. The findings from the report are being taken forward by the […]



KMHS Better Homes: Localism, Aspiration & Choice (2012-2015)

Published: May 2011

The Kent Forum Housing Strategy was refreshed in 2012 to help enable organisations across the County to respond strategically to the new housing challenges that had emerged since the original Strategy was published in May 2011, including changes to the funding of new affordable homes and the pending welfare reforms. The Strategy described the strategic direction […]