KMHS Better Homes: Localism, Aspiration & Choice (2012-2015)


The Kent Forum Housing Strategy was refreshed in 2012 to help enable organisations across the County to respond strategically to the new housing challenges that had emerged since the original Strategy was published in May 2011, including changes to the funding of new affordable homes and the pending welfare reforms.

The Strategy described the strategic direction for housing across Kent and Medway over a three year period, based on the local ambitions and aims of the Districts, Boroughs and Medway Council. It was a unique document in that it looked across a whole County area and brought District, Borough, Unitary and County Council ambitions together in a bottom-up approach.

It provided clarity on the major strategic housing challenges facing Kent and Medway, identified common areas of concern and proposed pragmatic solutions on issues where a Kent and Medway perspective could add value and contribute to delivery of local ambitions.

The Strategy recognised that there is a great diversity of housing provision across Kent and Medway and that what is appropriate for one neighbourhood may not be right in another. There are known significant differences in housing need, quality and condition, which are best dealt with in different ways. The Strategy did not propose a ‘one size fits all’ approach but provided a menu of solutions to assist authorities in achieving their local aims.

The Strategy was endorsed by the Kent Forum, who are the political Leaders and Chief Executives of the local authorities in Kent.  KMHS Better Homes: Localism, Aspiration & Choice (2012 – 2015)