Kent Housing Group Pre Eviction Protocol


The Kent Housing Options Group and the Kent Tenancy Management Sub Group have worked jointly to review and update the KHG Pre Eviction Protocol.  All local authorities and housing associations who are members of Kent Housing Group have a shared interest to minimise the number of evictions.   When a tenant is evicted the consequences of this include the increased demand on local authority housing options services, the county council social services and potentially associated costs for the provision of temporary accommodation.

For each landlord, local authority or housing association an eviction will mean the burden of administrative and legal costs, rent loss while the property is empty, the cost of the work needed to re-let it, and the reduced likelihood of recovering any rent arrears owed by the evicted tenant.   A key outcome from this protocol is that tenants are supported to sustain their tenancies, avoiding where possible all
associated costs of an eviction and the risk of homelessness.

All signatories to this protocol agree:

¨ To work together to minimise the number of evictions across Kent and Medway
¨ To share information effectively in a way that safeguards individuals’ rights and complies with GDPR
¨ To resolve any disputes arising in a co-operative and professional manner, in full understanding of the other parties’ duties and needs

This protocol will be reviewed in June 2021.

Attached Documents

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Final Pre Eviction Protocol May 202085Kb
Final Pre Eviction Protocol Referral Form33Kb
Final Pre Evicton Protocol Process Map253Kb