Better Homes: Greater Choice; Kent Social Care Accommodation Strategy;


KHG and JPPB were involved in the shaping and development of the Kent Social Care Accommodation Strategy, a strategy this is unique in that it sets out a Kent wide position and strategic direction to enable the delivery of suitable housing and social care provision for all KCC Adult Social Care client groups.

The strategy brings together the aims of the Districts, Boroughs and the County Council, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other key stake holders, with the aim of encouraging an integrated approach to delivery of housing and social care provision.

Within the strategy there is clarity about the current levels of housing and care home provision across Kent, it has identified gaps in provision, considers the future housing and care home accommodation needs of each of the adult social care client groups, and identifies how and where these needs will be met going forward.  The strategy also provides clear Market Position Statements about how services will be commissioned going forward.

There is an evidence base that supports the content of this strategy and the outcomes within it.

Kent Social Care Accommodation Strategy


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