Better Homes: Accessible Housing Framework


The Kent Housing Group with the JPPB have developed and launched a Framework for People with a Physical and/or Sensory Disability, this framework is called Better Homes: Accessible Housing.   This piece of work was undertaken following a recommendation from the Kent and Medway Housing Strategy 2012-15 under Theme 5 – Housing Need. The ambition under this Theme is ‘to support vulnerable people in housing need to fulfil their potential and live a high quality life through the provision of excellent housing’.

With there being greater emphasis on promoting independence, choice and control over where people with disabilities live, coupled with the challenges of an ageing population; demands on new and existing accessible housing will increase in the future.  Meeting the housing needs of people with physical and/or sensory disabilities encompasses a broad and diverse spectrum of requirements that are different from one person to the next, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. What this framework aims to provide is a baseline level of guidance to enable a consistent and pragmatic approach to delivery in Kent and Medway.

There is a research paper that has supported the development of this framework.


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