KHG Excellence Awards 2017

KHG has held its annual Excellence Awards on September 13th 2017 and again this was another prestigious event to celebrate the innovation and dedication of our colleagues and partners who deliver services or support the communities of Kent and Medway.

Here follows details of all our winners and those nominations that were highly commended from within each of the eight categories.

Winning & Highly Commended Nominations and Categories Information

  1. Excellent Partnership

Winners  – West Kent Hospital Discharge Scheme, Sevenoaks, , Tonbridge & Malling, Tunbridge Wells Councils, Family Mosaic and Health Partnership; Disability Eddie, Golding Homes 

West Kent Hospital Discharge Scheme Presentation

Disability Eddie Project Short Film

Highly Commended – Cookery Leaders Project, Town & Country Housing Group

Cookery Leaders Project Short Film

This award was for an organisation with the strategic vision to recognise working in partnership to improve its overall contribution to its customers and the communities it works in. We were looking for a partnership that had resulted in an improvement to service or delivery of a particular scheme, for example regeneration, community safety, health initiatives, public health, sustaining tenancies/assisting those at risk.

  1. Excellence in delivering services for Vulnerable People

Winner  – Donna Crozier, Family Mosaic

This award recognised the development of excellent services meeting the needs of a specific group, such as younger or older people or another group that requires additional support enabling them to live independently. We were looking at both the overall approach and specific outcomes achieved. Nominations were invited for a person, organisation or project delivering excellent services to vulnerable people.

  1. Excellence in Development

Winners  – Centenary Gardens, Medway Council & Cedar Court, West Kent Housing Association

Centenary Gardens Presentation

The Cedar Court Story

This award recognised the development of homes (new or refurbished) which makes a significant contribution to meeting housing needs and improves perceptions of affordable housing.  The winning development wasn’t necessarily a large scheme, it was about a successful development meeting housing needs, demonstrating effective delivery of new homes and doing so in a way that delights residents and the wider local community through excellence in design, construction or public realm.

  1. Excellence in Any Service

Winners  – Kent Tenancy Management Team, Optivo 

Kent Tenancy Managment Team Short Film

Highly Commended – Medway Housing Services HRA Income Management Team Leaders Project, Medway Council

Awarded to a person or team delivering a great service in challenging times and which demonstrates value for money. To win this award you’ll have developed an excellent and efficient service. We were looking at both the overall approach and specific outcomes achieved.

  1. Excellent Project led by a Resident or Residents

Winner  – Porchlight JET (Jobs, Education and Training Steering Group), Porchlight 

Porchlight JET Project Short Film

This award recognised a project or initiative led by a resident/residents benefitting the local community. This could  be something which contributes to improving health and well being, improving physical conditions and/or contributing to community engagement or a project which has addressed issues such as vandalism, anti-social behaviour, social inclusion, etc.

  1. Excellent Young Achiever (up to 25 years)

Winner  – Hayden Wynn, West Kent Housing Association 

Short Film about Hayden

Highly Commended – Rhianna Gardner, Swale BC; Keeley Walker-Burrows, Thanet DC & Mia Davis, Town & Country Housing Group

This award recognised the work of young people in our sector and their contribution in delivering good quality homes and housing services. We were looking for someone who has demonstrated excellence in their work and an enthusiasm for their self-development.  This category includes recognition for apprentices or trainee employees

  1. Excellent Health or Social Care Professional

Winner  – Julie Delahaye, KMPT

To be awarded to someone that has made a significant contribution to their profession and/or customers during the year. This award recognises an individual who demonstrates an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the sector.  We were looking for someone who’s a role model, and has personal and professional integrity with the ability to help and support others.

  1. Excellent Housing Professional of the Year

Winner – Donna Crust, Southern Housing Group

Highly Commended – Lauren Downs, West Kent Housing Association

Short Film about Lauren Downs

To be awarded to someone that has made a significant contribution to the housing profession and/or residents during the year. This award recognised an individual who demonstrated an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the sector.  We were looking for someone who’s a role model, and has personal and professional integrity with the ability to help and support others.