Customer Team Leader

Employer: MHS Homes
Close date: Monday 24/02/2020

MHS Homes have a current vacancy for a Customer Team Leader, a full time permanent role based in Chatham, Kent.  This role is about making sure when MHS Homes customers contact them, they get the best experience.  This is a team effort and requires help from across the business, not just your team.  As a member of the Management team, you’ll be a key part in making this happen, and getting things done.

You’ll have responsibility for managing a team of multi-skilled frontline staff – approximately 10 FTE- ensuring that they deliver excellent customer service. The work they do covers numerous contact channels (phones, email, live chat, social media) and is both reactive to incoming contact and proactive, contacting customers about problems and visiting them in their homes.  They cover the full range of housing management activity, such as letting properties, collecting income, dealing with anti-social behaviour and complaints, tenancy management issues, and problems with people’s homes, booking and arranging repairs as required.

This is a high profile and challenging role but a rewarding one, helping their customers thrive in the properties they rent to them and helping them to make it a home.   This role focuses primarily on resource and performance management. You’ll monitor and drive the performance of team members, based both in the office and externally, managing and planning an agile team. You’ll monitor performance against a range of targets, planning and allocating resource for the week and month ahead to ensure that all aspects of the service are covered, that changing demands are met and getting the best out of your team.  This requires flexibility and agility, knowing that however much they plan, something will come up which needs attention.

Interviews will take place week commencing 2nd March 2020.

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