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02 September 2014

Kent Forum Implementation Progress Plan

The Kent Forum delegated implementation of the Housing Strategy to the Kent Housing Group (KHG) and Kent Planning Officers Group (KPOG). KHG and KPOG have developed an implementation plan, based on the recommendations contained within the Strategy. This plan has been endorsed by Kent Joint Chief Executives and the Kent Forum and can be found here. Progress against the plan will be monitored by the KHG Executive Board and reported bi-annually to Kent Joint Executives and the Kent Forum.

KFHS Implementation Plan

Current Implementation Examples:

Rural Homes: supporting Kent’s rural communities

Kent Housing Group has developed a new cross-County Protocol to help deliver affordable local needs housing in rural parts of Kent and Medway. Rural Homes: supporting Kent’s rural communities The Kent Rural Housing Protocol was developed as a direct result of a recommendation within the Kent Forum Housing Strategy, which identified a lack of affordability of housing in rural areas as a key concern for Kent.

The Protocol aims to encourage a consistent, pragmatic approach to affordable rural local needs housing development across the County, to help to increase the delivery of such housing in rural areas and enable rural communities and businesses in Kent to thrive and prosper.

It provides advice and guidance on issues such as identifying local need, acquiring suitable land and engaging and working with local communities to overcome any barriers to new housing. The Protocol was launched by the Bishop of Dover on 6th June in Egerton, alongside the opening of new rural housing scheme in the village.

Older Adults Work:

Following recommendations with the report, Kent Housing Group and the Joint Policy and Planning Board have developed Better Homes, Housing for the Third Age – a Framework for Delivering Older People’s Accommodation across Kent and Medway.

The Framework seeks to promote a consistent and positive approach to the delivery of new high quality, aspirational accommodation for older people across the county and to the delivery of housing information, advice and guidance for older people.

The Framework was developed in partnership with social services, housing associations, care providers, planners, private developers, Retirement Housing Group and Kent Supporting People.

The Framework was formally launched by the Right Reverend James Langstaff, the Bishop of Rochester, on 10th August 2012. Commenting on the Framework the Bishop said “Housing for older people is growing more and more important as our people are living longer. It is so good to see local authorities, developers and housing organisations across Kent and Medway cooperating in order to help address this issue which is so important for the future of our society".

Better Homes: Older People's Housing Needs & Aspriations

A copy of the report can be found using this link Better Homes: Older People's Housing Needs and Aspirations

This reported is supported by a more detailed insight paper Activmob Insight Paper and 5 working papers which can be found here:

Working Paper 1 - Older Persons Accommodation Trends; Working Paper 2 - Review of Housing Need in Existing Policy Documents; Working Paper 3 - Projecting Future Housing Need; Working Paper 4 - Survey of Planning Practitioners; Working Paper 5 - Consultation with Developers

Social Innovation Lab Kent (SILK)

SILK were commissioned by the Joint Policy and Planning Board (JPPB) to undertake ethnographic research into the impabt of access to housing in the resettlement of ex-prisoners and the role housing can play in helping to reduce re-offending. A copy of the report can be found here: Houses as Homes Report The findings from the report are being taken forward by the JPPB and the Kent Intergrated Offender Management Board.

Last updated: 27 September 2012

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